Meditation is remaining aware and alert about one’s ownself.

Mind has two basic state , one is the observing state and one is the doer. Meditation simply increase the observing state of mind.

We all are doing things through our mind and body. Whatever a person do, that doing starts somewhere inside the brain first and the body act or react accordingly. If One loves it first initiate in brain and same goes for hate also. Now everybody know that anger is not good but when it comes one forgets at that moment, realize later and suffer. What if one become aware of it sooner ? Don’t you think one’s anger will be taken care more efficiently by simply realizing it early.

When one meditates one simply watch what happening within. If one is meditating regularly then the brain tendency to watch itself become more strong which results in a sooner realization of the effect of whatever one is doing.
So if one is acting out of love one automatically will be adding more life in it as one feel the effect of it inside and if one is reacting out of anger then one will realize the stupidity sooner. Basically one’s action in life become more strong and the reaction out of bad emotions will starts loosing it strength.

This is just a small explanation for the two extreme emotions of ours, one will come to know the rest once one start practice meditation.