Why Seek Inside

Every human being wants to upgrade himself/herself in experiencing life & everybody is working in that direction for up gradation in some way or other. Majority thinks that money & one’s positioning in society (society means everybody excluding the person himself/herself) is the only thing which will help in enriching the experience of life, because of this they given all their energy in the direction to upgrade the status of money and position in society, which leads to attention of mind going outwards majorly and leaving behind the person heart inexperience.

The truth is that every person is experiencing the world in a unique way and the experience of two can never be same. The more one tries to be like someone the more one goes away from the heart. Seeking within means , one start giving attention to the world inside.

Another important fact of life every body wants to be happy all the time, but due to external circumstances in one’s life one sometime become happy, sometime sad, sometime angry, sometime depressed and so on. These all are the states of mind due to different thoughts and emotions and one behaves in pattern under the influences of these thoughts and emotions or you can say one reacts under the influence in a pattern. This so called behaving in a pattern is called the slavery of the mind. When one start looking within one becomes more aware of the thoughts and emotions and how it influencing the life. Through meditation one can go deep inside and witness the inside world. The more one become the witness of the inside world, the more one will become free from behaving in a pattern or reacting in pattern. Walking on the spiritual path is nothing but leaving the slavery of mind and becoming the master .