All the knowledge will become wisdom if the mind completely merges in the heart.

Life is a dream, knowing that you are dreaming opens up endless possibility to dream whatever and realizing that you are just dreaming wakes you up for reality.

Everything is changing both inside and out, life is a quest to find THAT unchanging.

Day and night are part of life.. A lamp burning inside is very helpful.. #Practice meditation

Life is a river, one who just flows with it enjoy the journey and reaches the sea of death completely relaxed.

Third eye is to see what is happening in the universe inside us. Meditation is the practice which makes it remain open.

Meditation is a love affair with your own self, true lover find THAT which is complete in its own.

If you surrender yourself completely to your present reality, you will find yourself in god's lap.

Meditation is the key to open the treasure in you

Thoughts start from an empty space within us. Mind always makes the thoughts running. Be aware and remain in that empty space, you will witness the real beauty in you.

Would you like to have a healthy body and mind ?

Would you like to have harmony with yourself and with the relationships you have ?

Would you like to uplift yourself in life ?

Try us and see if we can be of some help to you , Please feel free to contact us as we will be happy to give you our meditation trial session!

What We Do

We at svagyana try and help people to realize their true nature, which can only be possible if a person start knowing their own nature more. Spending some time by picking up some meditation technique with ownself regularly is the way to know the inside world. We motivate people to take the step ahead in knowing themselves more by guiding them through meditation techniques and also try to clarify doubts which are in their mind about meditation or which comes up while they are on the journey to realize their true nature.

Why seek Inside

Every human being wants to remain happy all the time but due to external circumstances in one’s life one sometime become happy, sometime sad, some time angry, sometime depressed and so on.

Knowing Yourself is the beginning of all Wisdom

What is Meditation?

Meditation is remaining aware and alert about one’s ownself. Mind has two basic state , one is the observing state and one is the doer. Meditation simply increase the observing state of mind.

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